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Litigation is, to put it simply, the process by which our society resolves disputes.

The Law Office of Nicholas G. Emanuel represents both individuals and businesses in Court and in connection with alternative dispute resolution procedures such as mediation and arbitration. This office is committed to achieving the best result possible and doing so in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Criminal Defense

When a person is arrested or charged with a crime, that person is faced with a very uneven playing field - - the prosecutor will be familiar with the law, courtroom procedure, and will have access to virtually unlimited resources.

It is important to even the playing field by retaining an attorney who will provide vigorous representation, and who will make use of the many protections that the law provides for those who are charged with crimes.

The Law Office of Nicholas G. Emanuel represents clients charged with felonies and misdemeanors, and those who wish to clear their record of prior convictions.


The appellate courts are one of the most important aspects of our legal system. If a lower court makes a decision that looks like a mistake, that may be because it is one.

The Law Office of Nicholas G. Emanuel provides representation to clients who wish to seek review of a decision via an appeal or writ.

Administrative Proceedings

Administrative arms of the government make important decisions that can have a significant impact on a person

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Mr. Emanuel has extensive experience in all stages of the litigation process, including jury trial. He has successfully represented both plaintiffs and defendants.
San Jose Lawyer. San Jose Attorney at Law. Lawyer in San Jose Information on drunk driving law and defense.Many people have entered guilty pleas in DUI cases without realizing that they are giving up valuable legal rights, and that various legal defenses may be available to them. Few lawyers are equipped to discover these defenses and successfully defend against a drunk driving arrest and charge. No one can ever give any guarantee of success, but your selection of a lawyer is the most important decision you make to protect yourself. It can make all the difference. Mr. Emanuel is available for DUI and suspended drivers license defense in all California Courts. Click to see a list of courts which lists Courts where Mr. Emanuel represents persons charged with DUI, drunk driving, with a desirable geographical proximity to his San Jose, Santa Clara County, office. However, if you want Mr. Emanuel to represent you in Jury Trial, or provide you with a serious defense he is available for all California state courts. In DUI defense, selection of your lawyer makes all the difference. Finding a lawyer with a significant history of successful defense and committed to winning against a DUI arrest ,the "impossible" case, is chancy. Few Attorneys in the state have demonstrated a record of success in DUI Jury Trial. However, many criminal lawyers accept these cases anyway. Many even promote and market themselves as DUI Attorneys without a history of success. Admittedly, a winning history is no guarantee of success in the future or in your individual case. But you may want to consider it when selecting your Attorney. You may wish to consider it as well in selecting your lawyer to defend against suspension of your drivers license in the Admin Per Se DMV administrative license suspension hearings. It is your choice. DUI defense is a specialized area of criminal defense. The prosecutor must prove a DUI beyond and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. Blood and breath tests can be challenged. The breath machine might have been in error, and the results could be challenged. The circumstances of the arrest might also be subject to legal attack. See for yourself. Review some actual Examples of success and Winning cases in DUI & Drivers license suspension cases. Then make your choice. 30 N. Third Street San Jose, CA 95112, Phone (408)279-2060